Group Conscience Has Spoken: Four Meetings A Week Starting November

It pleases KNT Group to announce that the motion was made and carried at Group Conscience tonight that starting in November not only will we be having meetings on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at our new location but we will be retaining our Wednesday Night meeting at our current location. This is in order to allow the group to carry the message of recovery to the local community four nights a week.

Various members of the group will be helping distribute flyers between now and when the new location becomes active on November 3rd. We will also be providing flyers to other Dallas Region groups at the next Area Service Committee on November 5th at Eastside Group.


Tuesday @ 8pm – Grace Baptist Church – 1209 E. Quinlan Pkwy
Wednesday @ 8pm – Quinlan Community Library, Room 5 – 401 Panther Path
Friday @ 8pm – Grace Baptist Church – 1209 E. Quinlan Pkwy
Saturday @ 8pm – Grace Baptist Church – 1209 E. Quinlan Pkwy

Dallas Area Service Committee Meeting

The Dallas Area Service Committee is meeting Sunday,November 5th at East Side Group. If you have never experienced an Area Meeting, you should join your GSR and check it out!

East Side Group
801 Alpha Drive
Richardson, Texas 75081-6633

DASC Starts at 1:30pm