Website and Android Application Updates

Both the website and Android Application have received updates tonight as we have added more tools for the recovering addict. Updates include:


  • Find a Meeting has been overhauled
    • A site specific plugin has been added to allow searching through all of the Dallas Area NA meetings by various criteria
    • This is a living program, we still have many dates, times, and meeting times to add to complete it fully
    • We will update meeting information once monthly after area with new info as it becomes available
    • Thank you to our friend S.M for the idea.


  • Find A Meeting has been integrated
  • Facebook has been integrated
  • *NEW* SpeakerJam!
    • Listen to NA Speakers from across the world right from the KNT Group App
  • We’ve fixed a few minor items to increase loading speed
  • The latest version is 1.2.1. Make sure you’ve updated the application

Error Correction: Dates & Times

Previously we have announced our new meeting location and dates, as well as other information that we need to update. Apologies for any confusion.

As posted on 10/14 and  10/25, the correct starting date of our new meetings is November 7th, not November 3rd, at Grace Baptist Church.

As posted on 10/14, the Just For Today 30th Anniversary correct location address is: 4565 N.HWY 69 at the kingston Baptist Church in Greenville.

Group Conscience Has Spoken: Four Meetings A Week Starting November

It pleases KNT Group to announce that the motion was made and carried at Group Conscience tonight that starting in November not only will we be having meetings on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at our new location but we will be retaining our Wednesday Night meeting at our current location. This is in order to allow the group to carry the message of recovery to the local community four nights a week.

Various members of the group will be helping distribute flyers between now and when the new location becomes active on November 3rd. We will also be providing flyers to other Dallas Region groups at the next Area Service Committee on November 5th at Eastside Group.


Tuesday @ 8pm – Grace Baptist Church – 1209 E. Quinlan Pkwy
Wednesday @ 8pm – Quinlan Community Library, Room 5 – 401 Panther Path
Friday @ 8pm – Grace Baptist Church – 1209 E. Quinlan Pkwy
Saturday @ 8pm – Grace Baptist Church – 1209 E. Quinlan Pkwy